BeautyMed team

Lada Costa

Drª Lada Costa

  • Specialization:

    Advanced Aesthetic Medicine

  • Experience:

    6 years

  • Education: :

    Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

Courses and congresses:

  • Member of APHTOF (Portuguese Association for Harmonization and Orofacial Therapeutics)
  • Participant of national and international symposia and conferences.
  • Participant in multiple courses aimed at skills development, including anatomical work on cadavers.

Specialist in injectable cosmetology:

  • facial harmonization
  • botulinum toxin
  • hyaluronic acid
  • bio stimulators
  • pdo wires
  • mesotherapy
  • skinboosters

And non-injectable:

  • simple skin cleansing
  • medical skin cleansing
  • chemical peels
  • masks
  • facial massages

In addition to having extensive experience in various cosmetic devices:

  • Hydrofacial
  • SMAS ultrasonic hifu lifting
  • Plasma IQ Neauvia
  • Carboxytherapy with CO2 gas
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • microcurrents
  • darsonval
  • Electrocoagulator for removal of papillomas and warts
  • Laser for artificial pigment removal
  • Laser for Peeling Hollywood
  • Laser 3 waves - Permanent Hair Removal
Elena Kovalchuk

Physiotherapist Elena Kovalchuk

  • Specialization:

    Rehabilitation of patients with impaired musculoskeletal system function

  • Experience:

    15 years

  • Education:

    Zhitomir Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine".

Specialist in the field:

  • Leading specialist in physical rehabilitation to help patients regain motor activity after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, vegetative states and multiple sclerosis (MS).
  • It has methods of physical examination and rehabilitation of neurological patients.
  • Using Bobath and Cabot methods.
  • It deals with problems of spasticity and formation of pathological postures, selecting means for the movement of patients taking into account the peculiarities of their problem.

Diplomas and courses:

  • Elena received her first diploma in Yumeiho therapy at the Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine.
  • She attended the course "Occupational Therapy in Neurorehabilitation" with the Russian Association of Occupational Therapists.
  • She participated in the work of specialized workshops for physical rehabilitation "Bobath concept. Course 1 "(School of Rehabilitation after Stroke)," Proprioceptive Muscle Perception »(PNF) (School of Rehabilitation After Stroke)," Occupational Therapy in Neurorehabilitation Patients with stroke", "Recovery of functional gait in patients with brain injury" (School of Rehabilitation after Stroke).
  • Participated in a special training "Management of spasticity: presents an individual rehabilitation program in neurological patients" (Research and Education Center "Technology of Neurorehabilitation").